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After 40 years of employment in state government, my pie-in-the-sky dream of retirement had finally arrived.  I had lists and lists and lists of what I wanted to do and my Bucket List had grown exponentially during the last several months of employment, hoping that I would be able to “enjoy” retirement.  However, as I soon realized, living on 1/2 of my previous salary and wanting to live like I wanted to soon came to a head.  I was still struggling with debt from a past bankruptcy and bills from when my husband passed away.  I was at my wits end… What was I going to do?  This is NOT the way I envisioned retirement at all.  Then as I was scrolling through FB one day, Fate stepped in…

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It had become critical for me to find ways to supplement my income in order to do the things I wanted to do & live comfortably.  After all, I was RETIRED!  Right?  I started researching work-at-home & home business ideas.  I needed something easy & quick to get on my feet.  I finally found a home-based business that interested me and decided to give it a go.  After struggling for a few months with hosting classes, bugging my friends & family, & hit-and-miss recruiting closures, I became quite frustrated.  Then, per chance of FB, I came across a program designed to boost your business recruitment, promote excited recruits and improve marketing skills.  How could I loose?  So I took a risk, and watched a free video.  Before long I was on my way to learning how to find and keep recruits in my business…   YOU CAN TOO!

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